We help people learn from data and each other

A web page with a code editor on the left and a drawing of a garden on the right.


wyldflower.io is a free learning resource that makes it easy for students to explore data science and creative coding. We’re piloting curricula for environmental sensing and food access with Upward Bound and the Young Gardeners Program. The platform’s source code will be released as a curriculum for sustainable web design.


artcade.cc is a constellation of art installations. Each piece brings people together as they create. We use high and low tech to make magical experiences for participants. Installations have already popped up at the Galveston Arts Center, MarMo, Third Eyeland Party, and the Hutchings-Sealy Building.

A child draws on a tablet displaying a pyramid. A few feet away, a pyramid sculpture's surface is illuminated a pattern drawn by another person.


Nick McIntyre / Data Artist

Nick founded Computiful to help people explore their creative and analytical potential. He loves working with local partners in Galveston, TX, and on the web. Nick is a certified math and computer science teacher; a grant-funded artist, programmer, and technical writer; and a Stanford-trained environmental engineer.

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