We help people create with high and low tech

A web browser with a text editor on the left and a map on the right. The text editor contains Python code for drawing a map.


Weโ€™re piloting a new curriculum to address local food access issues alongside Upward Bound and the Young Gardeners Program. Students will apply web development and data visualization to help their neighbors find healthy, affordable food.


We’re creating a constellation of art installations that bring people together as they create. We use high and low tech to make magical experiences for participants. Installations have already popped up at the Galveston Arts Center, MarMo, Proletariat Gallery, Third Eyeland Party, and the Hutchings-Sealy Building.

A child uses a table to paint on the image of a sculpture. Nearby, the drawing is projected onto the surface of the real sculpture.


A bearded man in a green shirt smiling in front of a white background.

Nick McIntyre / Creative Technologist

Nick founded Computiful to help people explore their creative and analytical potential. He loves working with local partners in Galveston, TX, and on the web. Nick is a certified math and computer science teacher; a grant-funded artist, programmer, and technical writer; and a Stanford-trained environmental engineer.

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